Dean 2004!

Never before have pledged my support to a Presidential Candidate so early in the race. But then again, never have I seen so much progress loss in such a short time. I pledge my support to Howard Dean because he is the one candidate that is saying what needs to be said, shouting what we cannot, “I want my Country BACK!” See I am a Black love-child (born out of wed-lock) of the sixties and I know racism, bigotry, and hatred, I have lived it. All these old demons from American’s past are back, trading in their white-sheets of hate for hateful laws, unjust profiling and un-American detainments.

I gave Uncle Sam 20 years of my life as a Service Member in the United States Air Force. For 20 years my rights were willingly sacrificed to protect America’s right to Assemble, right Vote, right to elect, to protest, and to live in the absences of fearing our own government. And now when it is finally my turn to enjoy these freedoms, they are gone, stolen away from me under the false pretences of a “War on Terror”. Hell, I just fought Terror for 20 years and there are millions of active and reserve service members that are continuing the fight.

American was hit hard on 911 and we have yet to regain our balance. The current Administration is striking out wildly, hitting anyone and (mostly) everyone that has ever thought to harm us. Yet they have not tracked down, dead or alive, the foul creature which cause us such pain, Osama Bin Ladin. Now the world is pissed at us and this Administration has allowed this unpaid blood-debt to feaster and become a flaming wound within our Society. It burns and no matter how many foreigners we detain, terrorists we kill, nations we make war against, it still burns because we have allowed it to infect our hearts against ourselves. We look at each other, measuring the color of our skins, the dialect in our speech, suspecting anyone and everyone. We have gone too far and now we must set it right. Howard Dean is the Leader with the Gonads to make it right. Yes, we want our Country BACK! We want our Flag back, our Religions back, our Allies back, our Military back, our Government back. There is an internet storm brewing and when it hits the political front, it will uproot bushes and sweep the land clean of the parasites feasting on the fruits of our labor. Lookup Evil Doers, here comes Dean 2004!


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