Same Old Dirty Tricks

Is anyone really surprised that Martha Stewart got jacked? They couldn’t charge her with the offense that got her into trouble (inside trading), so they trumped-up some weak rarely used charge and indicted her. Now lets see, they can’t proved that she broke the law but they are charging her for lying when she said she didn’t break the law? Isn�t this all kind of wacky or what? I guest that depends on what �Is� is? I believe the truth of the matter is Martha has become the Administration’s �Fall-Guy�. It also doesn’t hurt the fact that she is a big-time Democratic contributor.

The real big bad boogeyman is Ken Lay. Remember him, the Enron guy that not only ran Enron into the ground, but also �broke� California by overcharging us for purchased energy. This guy has no indictments, no freeze on assets, and is laughing all the way to the bank (most likely a Swiss bank). So instead of taking on this Thug, our Justice Department picks a fight with a Girl. I think they are going to find out just how tough this little Homemaker really is. She has proven she can play with the big boys and the Justice Department better come with their best because they will soon realize they have a Barracuda by the tail.


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