Simon Says

How did we get ourselves into this never-ending game of Simon Says? We told the French no to 3 more months of inspections, than Simon says, �we may need more than a year to visit all the suspected sites.� The Europeans wanted to triple the weapon inspectors and we said no. Then Simon said, �We need more than 1,000 inspectors to check for WMDs.� Simon says �we found WMDs� then Simon says, �no we didn�t.� And Simon just keeps on talking, confusing us time and time again. Chemical Ali is dead, no Chemical Ali is not dead, and yes Chemical Ali is dead. Saddam is dead, is not dead, is dead again, and is not dead again. We found WMDs, we didn�t find WMDs, oh yes we did in a barn, no on an air base, no in a hole in the ground, STOP! Simon, just shut the hell up and go back to playing with your Iraqi �Deck of Death� playing cards and leave us the hell alone�


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