Santa Maria Times
For Monday, Oct. 21, 2002

Caldwell is a waste of good ink

Please stop wasting ink on printing the far-rightwing ramblings of Rodeo Clown Andy Caldwell. Lately, his nonstop tittle-tattle hits a feverous pitch when someone, anyone, mentions the name Gail Marshall. This obsession with ousting Gail Marshall is truly distorting his ability to write a competent and earnest commentary. In fact, his Oct 10, commentary was splattered with untruths and misinformation.

My problem with his commentary is mainly his comments about the Vandenberg AFB commander and our military members not being allowed to exercise their basic right to participate in the very democracy they have sworn to protect and defend. The men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces knowingly and willing give up some of their basic rights when they join the military. A prime example is freedom of speech. This right is foregone when to exercise it would compromise national security. Also, the majority of military families at the base are transit families who have never changed (and have no desire to change) their state of residence. It is very likely less than 1,000 out the 5,000 he quoted are California registered voters. And yes, these base-registered voters do vote.

By the way, Andy, the base commanders authority to govern base activities is vested in him by the Constitution and the president of the United States. Lastly, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to rodeo clowns that I have offended by associating Andy Caldwell with your trade.


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